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Going to the movies is the number one leisure activity in the United States attracting millions of customers in a distraction free setting, which makes the movies an attractive advertising vehicle. Eclipse offers a variety of options to market your business, product, or service in our unique one-of-a-kind environment.

Eclipse Theaters hosts several monthly curated film series, including the co-sponsored Nevada Women’s Film Festival and the Cinefemmes series with UNLV film students.
Eclipse Theaters is supported by over 100,000 annual guests. Since opening in 2016, attendance at Eclipse Theaters has more than doubled each year.


New programming opportunities emerge each month and films come along regularly that merit an underwriting sponsor. Opportunities include opening nights of first run films, monthly film series’, Monday Jazz Nights, Wednesday Comedy Nights, Latin Night, and much more. Opportunities exist to create new programs. Do you have a particular interest in film? Would you like to collaborate with Eclipse Theaters to bring exciting new ideas to Las Vegas? If you are interested in a particular theme, genre, or a special event, please contact our event coordinators at .


Unique Sponsor and/or Partnership opportunities will be available throughout the year as Eclipse brings unique content and programming to the theater including Film Festivals, Movie Premieres, Comedy Shows, Concerts and more.

Eclipse Theaters has a wide array of corporate partners that choose to invest in Eclipse Theaters for a multitude of reasons. Maybe it’s because they see the sense in marketing their goods and services to the over 8,000 people that visit our theatre each month. Or maybe it’s because our partners wish to align their company with our discerning, educated membership of over 8,500 (and growing).

There are many reasons to invest in Eclipse Theaters and we are always looking to forge relationships with corporations big and small that are looking for a great return on their investment. Guests of Eclipse Theaters are not only educated and consumer-savvy, but also tremendously loyal. They, like our corporate partners, know and appreciate the value of supporting local businesses in Las Vegas.

Corporate sponsors receive a number of excellent benefits. Marketing of our many events reach thousands of guests through a variety of avenues, including on-site branding of various parts of the venue, and via the promotion of events and programs through on-screen, marquee advertising, our website, and our weekly newsletters.

We will work with you to build a sponsorship package that is tailored to meet your marketing, promotion, and advertising plans, as well as align with the values of your organization.

For more information on Corporate Sponsorship and Partnership opportunities with Eclipse Theaters, please email us at